My mission is to fully awaken your awareness of your body through massage; to touch you both physically and metaphorically. The massage brings consciousness of any tension withheld in your body, tension you carry around with you.
Through touch, meditation and conversation you can gain greater awareness of the balance of your mind and body. This is found in both my personal practice and in the courses I run.

My pratice is a member of the Vereniging Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten (VNT) and het Platform Rebalancing Nederland (PRN). Most health insurances refund all or part of consultations. You can check your policy on the website of the Vereniging van Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten (

Be prepared to investigate what your body is trying to tell you when you visit a Rebalancer. In daily life we focus on thinking, we have lost contact with our body in some way which can result in all kinds of complaints. Rebalancing addresses that lost part of us, bringing peace and space…and balance.
From Thinking to Feeling to Being.